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LPB Bank

Place your funds in a deposit account to create savings for the future:
◾ Interest rates: from 1.20% to 2.75%
◾ Duration: up to 5 years
◾ Minimum amount: 5 000 EUR

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LPB Bank

⛓️Segregated bank accounts allow FinTech companies to hold their clients’ funds separately from their circulating assets. A FinTech business that opens a segregated account with a bank guarantees that no funds belonging to the bank or the FinTech company will be held on that account. Having this type of account means that the FinTech company will never combine its clients’ assets with those of its own or use client funds to fulfill any of its financial obligations.


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LPB Bank

🎤“An essential service with BaaS is segregated accounts. Regulators in multiple countries require customer accounts to be recorded separately from a company’s current assets, and a payment institution will be unable to receive a payment services license without having segregated accounts in place,” comments Stanislavs Sinakovics, CAMS, Head of the Business Development Department at LPB Bank.

LPB Bank

?If you create an online store on the WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop or Opencart platform, then the payment modules developed by LPB Bank are an excellent and fast solution for accepting payments.

?Available payment methods include accepting VISA and Mastercard payment cards and Apple Pay integration.

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LPB Bank

?LPB Bank has introduced a new electronic authentication tool for individuals – secure electronic signature. Clients can use the secure electronic signature to log in to the Internet bank, confirm transactions and sign electronic documents.

What operations can be confirmed using a secure electronic signature?
? approve payments up to 15 000 EUR per month;
? approve documents and applications addressed to LPB Bank.

LPB Bank

LPB Bank has issued a loan of EUR 1.08 M towards developing a six-story apartment building in Ogre.?️

The project is being implemented by construction company SIA Dienvidu celtnieks, which has many years of experience developing panel-based multi-tenement housing. The company has implemented projects in Riga, Liepaja, Ogre, Salaspils and elsewhere, including building social houses.


As a part of developing in-house technological solutions and information systems for e-commerce, LPB Bank continues to improve the functionality and visual appearance of "Medoro" – the portal for e-merchants.

LPB Bank

LPB Bank provided a loan of 310 000 euros for the reconstruction project of the tennis club? in Jelgava, within the framework of which a hangar and four tennis courts with a hard surface complying with international standards have already been built.

?️The new facilities were constructed in December 2022, and now the club is ready to provide tennis players with high-profile courts, which are also suitable for organizing local and international competitions.