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How is LPB Bank helping FinTech players launch operations on the market quickly?

LPB Bank

šŸ¤With LPB Bank, FinTech companies and start-ups can roll out branded products to their end-users in record time.

šŸŽ¤Comments Stanislavs Sinakovics, CAMS, Head of the Sales and Regional Development Department at LPB Bank:
ā€œAn entrepreneur always has a choice ā€“ either to build up an in-house infrastructure from scratch or to rely on ready-made solutions.šŸ’» Business owners and executives may understand that having dedicated infrastructure translates to independence, freedom and flexibility ā€“ but it will take 1-2 years and at least as many million euros to implement. An entrepreneur relying on already available solutions can spend less and plan to enter the market sooner.
šŸŒSo, we have devised a comprehensive infrastructure for non-banking financial companies. Those that choose our BaaS solution will not need to integrate dozens of disjointed products and services or evaluate the available vendors for each.ā€

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