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LCCI Council committee is a LCCI administration consultative institution. LCCI Council committees are created as necessary, in order to discuss specific, narrower sectoral or political field matters. Operation thereof can be of permanent or short-term nature, in order to discuss specific matters.



Competence of a committee includes:



  1. Preparing matters for meetings of the LCCI Council, Presidium and respective competence councils;


  2. Preparing LCCI opinion drafts on actualities that in the Committee’s competence area concerns the LCCI purposes and interests;


  3. Participating in the process of agreement of the LCCI public activities and attitude;


  4. Suggestions and proposals related to the LCCI public information in the Committee’s competence area;


  5. Other matters delegated by the LCCI Council to the competence of a respective committee.


Meetings of the LCCI Council committees are open for all members, who wish to participate and include urgent matters in the LCCI agenda.



The following committees are currently created in the LCCI:



1.     Construction Committee



2.     European Union Funds Committee



3.     Power Industry Committee



4.     Legal Committee



5.     Public Procurements Law Committee



6.     Transport and Infrastructure Committee



7.     Healthcare Committee



8.     Passenger Transportation Committee



9.     Technology Transfer Committee



10.   Public Catering Committee



11.   Financial Sector Development Committee